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NSEF was based on the five following facts:

  1. There are millions of high schoolers that either cannot or will not attend college.
  2. There is a drastic need for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education in our country.
  3. There is a huge pool of jobs available in industries related to online gaming that do not require a 4-year degree.
  4. 97% of high schoolers (99% boys, 94% girls) play video games.
  5. There is a large segment of the high school population who do not participate in traditional team sports, and therefore do not benefit from the many lessons that participation can teach.

We want to accomplish three things, for as many students as possible:

  1. Get kids of all types to participate in a team-based, competitive environment.
  2. Teach them about the technology that goes into making it possible for them to play online against a different school.
  3. Educate them as to the numerous well-paying professional opportunities available to them in tangential fields.

Because schools in all regions are notoriously restricted on funding, NSEF needs to provide all the equipment necessary for a school to participate.  That includes the computers, monitors, networking equipment and the software to power it all.  It all gets shipped to the school in a rolling cabinet we call “The Box”.  As of now (Q4 2015), the cost to NSEF per box is $12,500.

In a nutshell – the more money we raise, the more schools – and more students – we can impact.  One of the features of NSEF is that the competition is not geographically dependent – if you want your dollars going to seed a specific school, we can do that.

NSEF has a completely transparent financial model.  As a 501(c)(3), all donations to NSEF are tax-deductible.  Our goal is for a four-star Charity Navigator rating at all times.

If you’d like to contribute to NSEF’s mission, please email donors@nsef.org or click here to make an immediate donation.