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There is a common perception that video games can be a time sink.  And while that may be true for some, it is also true that high schoolers of all types are passionate about them.  NSEF believes we can channel that passion to teach students about the technology behind video games – from the tech that drives the internet, to the hardware engineering for computers, to the programming that makes the games themselves.

Whether your child is math-inclined, creative, or competitive, there is a place for those skills at NSEF.  Let us provide a mentored environment where they can learn proper online etiquette, sportsmanship, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)-based curriculum.

We will also be informing participants of the many career opportunities available to them in related fields, many of which do not require a college degree.

We also believe strongly in the power of team sports to shape our youth.  Whether your children are drawn to on-field sports or not, the e-sports environment allows everyone to compete in a co-ed manner on a level playing field.  And in doing so, the opportunities to build character through competition are significant.  Teamwork, sportsmanship, goal setting, focus, discipline – all apply to e-sports just as they do in traditional sports.

And just like traditional sports participation, NSEF requires the same minimum GPA, attendance and disciplinary records to participate that your school sets for on-field sports.

If you’re interested in your child’s high school becoming an NSEF member, click here.