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Q. What games will NSEF be using for competitions?

A. That may change over time, but right now, the games are League of Legends, DotA 2, and Rocket League.

Q. Do I/Can I bring my own PC/keyboard/etc?

A. All equipment is provided by NSEF.

Q. Do I login with my Riot/Steam/Etc personal account?

A. No, all accounts for competitions are NSEF-tagged accounts that your Coach manages.  So if you want the tag “wh1plash”, your profile tag would be NSEF_wh1plash(HS) where HS is your school’s initials.

Q. Are you using consoles or PCs?

A. Because we can show and teach more with a PC, we’re using those.

Q. What are the requirements to participate?

A. You must be 13 or older, and meet all the standards set by your school that normally apply to on-field sports in terms of GPA, discipline, and athletics.  If you do not meet one of those requirements, you may still participate as a club member but you cannot compete online for your school.  You will also need your parent’s permission.

Q. Can we compete with non-NSEF games?

A. Nope.  For a lot of reasons, we need to strictly control what games NSEF participates in.  Games like Call of Duty, etc., are clearly off-limits.  If you have a game you think would be popular enough to have multiple schools compete, please email info@nsef.org.

Q. I like games, but I’m not very good. Can I still participate?

A. Of course!  Think of it like your football team.  There’s the first team, the backups, and then a lot of other contributors – managers, equipment staff, etc.  Or just be a fan!


Q. What does NSEF cost?

A. Nothing.  NSEF funding from donors and sponsors allows us to provide all the necessary equipment and software at no cost to the school or participants.

Q. How will you monitor my child’s online safety?

A. The only time your child will be online is when they are practicing or competing against another high school.  On both ends, an adult Coach/Mentor will be present and observing.  The computers will not have access to the internet for anything other than the specific gameplay.

Q. I want to learn more about the games you offer.

Q. Can my child participate without my permission?

A. No.

Q. Do you use any violent games?

A. While there is some violence in our games, it is cartoonish and non-realistic.  We will *never* offer any games that involve realistic violence, or are ESRB rated “M”.


Q. Ok, how much? How much REALLY?

A. Nothing.  Honest.  We’ll provide everything in a rolling equipment cabinet we call “The Box”.  We need your internet, some space, and access to metrics.  That’s it.

Q. Is there any compensation to be a Coach?

A. Right now, no.  There will be swag (hats, shirts, etc) and hopefully some sponsor-donated equipment, but no financial compensation.

Q. Where can I see the impact metrics?

A. As of right now (Q3 2015), we don’t have any.  We are still organizing funding for our original set of four schools.  If we stay true to our timeline, we will have those metrics in Q4 2016.

Q. What qualifications does it take to be a Coach?

A. Something you already have – a desire to teach – and an interest in technology.  You don’t have to be a PC guru.  We will supply the curriculum and teaching guides.  We’ll also have staff on hand to assist with lesson preparation.

Q. What’s the process to become a participating school?

A. We would need to talk to your school’s administration, preferably on both the HS and district level.  If possible, we’d also like to engage your nearby rivals and encourage them to participate.   We would then apply for an after-school Club status.  Once a Coach is identified, we can seed the school with The Box and get going!

Q. Are you donating the equipment to the school?

A. Legally, no.  The equipment, for a number of reasons, needs to remain the property of NSEF.  However, once the equipment has reached the end of its usable life for gameplay, it will be donated to the school.

Q. Who supports the equipment in case of an issue/breakage?

A. We do.  Either remotely, if possible, or we’ll send a technician for repair.  Either way, at no cost to the school.


Q. Are my deductions tax-deductible?

A. Absolutely.  NSEF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and any donation will have a receipt that is usable for tax purposes.

Q. Who are the people I’m giving my money to?

A. Please see our About Us page (link)

Q. Can I donate to a specific school?

A. You can.  However, we need to hit a dollar minimum (currently $12,500), before we bring a school online.  We can place your donation in escrow until that amount is reached, if you wish.

Q. How will I know what percentage of my dollar goes to the students vs. overhead?

A. We’re too new to have those statistics now, but we will be filing full financial disclosures every year that will show those statistics.  They will also be published on our website and on sites like charitynavigator.org.

Q. We would like to offer a donation in exchange for sponsorship – do you accept those?

A. Absolutely.  For sponsorship opportunities, please email sponsors@nsef.org.

Q. How can I donate?

A. We accept checks, credit cards and PayPal.  For information, please see our Donate Now! Page.