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As educators ourselves, we understand that teaching becomes easier when you can correlate the subject matter to something the student is passionate about.  And if nothing else, high schoolers are passionate about video games.  NSEF intends on using e-sports as a delivery vector for two distinct areas of learning:

On the gaming side, to promote proper online behavior and etiquette while gaming.  That’s in addition to all the benefits of participation in team competitions – from sportsmanship, to dealing with adversity, to team contribution in multiple roles.

On the technical side, we want to show students what actually “lies behind the curtain” when they are playing another school online.  This has many STEM tie-ins, but primarily, we will be focused around hardware engineering (the computers themselves), telco and networking (the Internet), software design (programming), and graphic arts (game/character design).

All of this ties back to a key message that there are well-paying, white collar careers in these fields that do not necessarily require a four-year degree.  We hope to reach the millions of students in the United States that don’t anticipate having a path to or through college.

We’re aware of the challenges you face, especially in terms of budget and resources.  That’s why our goal from Day One was to implement NSEF with the absolute minimum burden to the participating high schools.   What we ask from you is the following:

  1. Permission to exist as an after-school Club
  2. Access to your Internet connection
  3. Permission for one of your teachers to volunteer as a Coach/Mentor
  4. Storage space for our equipment cabinet
  5. Space for the students to set up the computers, compete and learn

Hopefully, none of these should have any financial impact whatsoever.  For our part, we are providing:

  1. Fully equipped equipment cabinet with computers, monitors and networking.
  2. Course syllabus, curriculum and teacher guides
  3. Management and oversight of the competitions

On the administrative level, we would need standard metrics for the students (GPA, discipline, attendance).  The purpose is twofold – first, to ensure that NSEF participants meet the same bar your school sets for participation in traditional sports.  Secondly, to monitor efficacy of the NSEF program against those three key metrics.

Interested in your school participating?  Click here.